We would ask you to follow our simple rules to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit to Jungle Chums.
In the interest of safety we would also ask that only children under 2 years of age use the toddler area.

  • With the exception of baby food, only food and drink purchased from the cafe may be consumed on the premises
  • No food, drink or chewing gum are permitted within the play areas
  • Jungle Chums does not accept the responsibility for the supervision of children within the premises, therefore all children
    must be supervised by a responsible adult/guardian at all times
  • When using the play equipment all children must remove shoes and wear socks
  • For safety reasons we recommend that all children, when using the equipment wear clothing that covers the arms and legs
    and remove any jewellery and loose accessories/ garments
  • For health and safety reasons, in the unlikely event of an accident or injury occuring please report in immediatly to
    a member of staff


Building 1
Acorn Farm
Green Lane
Milbury Heath
GL12 8QW
01454 501016